Nintendo At E3 2017


Presenting on the actual first day of E3, Nintendo are the last of the console makers to present.

Sony and Microsoft have already played their cards and done enough to secure their marketshare, but left enough for Nintendo to make a play, especially with a fresh new console released by the developer.

Will Nintendo make some big jumps with the Switch? Or will they go down in the sewers…

Let’s see as we live-blog the Nintendo Spotlight at E3 2017!

Franchise favourites returning in their own games, the announcement of a Pokémon RPG in the works for the Switch and Super Mario Odyssey looking to be a stand-out platformer, Nintendo didn’t hold back with their announcements.

Along with many titles still to be released THIS YEAR (unlike many having 2018 dates), Nintendo weren’t here to play around.

Which means they may have just won E3 because of it.

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