FRANTICS Impressions – Party Without A Plumber

The PlayLink nuttiness continues, and this time with a fox!

At least I think it’s a fox.

Whatever type of creature it is, it is certainly very dapper, and potentially very maniacal.

Frantics sees another game join the growing family of PlayLink games for the Playstation 4; A series that utilises mobile phones or tablets to interact with the game on-screen.

And what Frantics presents is something a little like a certain plumber taking his friends to a party.

Frantics is all about 15 whacky mini-games for up to four players, where you’re competing in everything from frenetic action arena brawls to strategic turn based competitions.
Put your DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controllers to the side – here you can simply use your smart device to swipe, tilt, shake, flick and snap your way to victory. Anyone can do it!
But beware… the scheming and manipulative Fox is on hand to stir up the pot.

Yes, there is a Single Player mode for Frantics.

All good and well, easy peasy; Just download the app to your mobile and you’re off to your Solo Playing ways.

But that’s not where the fun of Frantics lies.

Where it lies is in its multiplayer mode (like any good party game). And I’ll admit that I haven’t played much of the Single Player, and even less so with Multi.

But with some event work, I had the opportunity to see it in full use by an enormous amount of people.

And what I got to see was that demographic of “family” being hit right on the head with this game.

Sure, the gyro in your mobile device may not always be picked up, and the actual controls for the game are either flailing around with the device or pressing a few buttons on-screen.

But what it is, is just fun.

Innovative features like the game calling a specific device to task the player with a secret mission, along with the continued use of PlayLink just blows my mindhole.

While it doesn’t have the feet to take down the reigning party kings, like any good family game it does earn its place on the shelf.

Because having one more game where you can bond over destroying the soul of others through competition is always fun to have around.

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