Ambient Mode & Me – What DOES My TV Do All Day?

Don’t you just think about what your TV is doing while you’re not at home?

I don’t really either, yet it’s a valid question in this day and age.

“Bigger is better” and such has lead us into a vortex of ever-increasing screen size.

Which is something I’m not mad about at all; I’d consider myself a Joseph ‘Coop’ Cooper of the television screen.

Depressingly though, as screens grow bigger, so does the empty space they take up. I don’t mean in some void-like manner that this depressing world is prone too, but more the giant black square that sits flush with your wall.

I suspect Samsung thought the same thing while sitting in their lounge at 1AM in the morning staring at the giant black display as it stared back at them, but I digress.

Creating the excellently named AMBIENT MODE that ties into their Smart Things app, which extends across their suite of devices, it promises to turn your sweet, delicious TV…


Where does the wall begin?

Where does the TV end?

If my TV is off, is it truly doing nothing? Can it do more?

My Better Living solution to that is WHAT can you Smart Thing your Ambient Mode to look like?

How can you make your TV live again in your absence?!

While the app itself has solid background colours, or the ability to take a snap of your wall and “stitch” it together in chameleon-like fashion, which allows it to melt into the scenery like the Wicked Witch Of The West; I prefer to have a little fun in life.

And yes, my ideas may take away from the hashtag aesthetic or security-like deterrence of Batman’ing the heck out of your TV, like I said…let’s have a little fun.

Why stitch your wall when you could uhhh…maybe stitch your face across it?!

This seems like a perfectly sane and not at all vain thing to do, and honestly…it would be ART; Which is something Samsung had already aimed to do with the rest of their range.

On that note, you could make your TV ‘art’ by using a piece from the many available in Smart Things; But why use THOSE art pieces?

If you really wanted to hide it amongst your hashtag home aesthetic, you’d place your favourite meme on the screen.



People would stare in amazement at this art in your abode and know that you are truly about your ambience.

And that would be thanks to Ambient Mode.

AGAIN, you could just make it look like your wall, similar to this model I got to check out thanks to Samsung, but eh, where’s the fun in that?

There’s no fun at all in hiding your TV in the wall…


Is there a TV there?

I guess we’ll never know.

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