XBOX At E3 2018

XBOX @ E3 2018
Microsoft have done well to position themselves as the first console maker to take the stage for E3.

It places them in front of the competition and allows jargon such as “world premiere” and “exclusive” to have a bit more importance, considering that it’s often revealed later that some of their heavy-hitters are multi-platform titles.

Not a bad thing at all, but when the brand has experienced some slight failure to launch with their exclusives, the jargon can quickly lose its meaning.

With the first announcement trailer this year though, we may not have had to worry at all…

Dropping a new Halo as their introduction, it’s clear to see that XBOX weren’t messing around this year. And while a lot was announced, I’m gonna cut-through the presentation for what I felt were the winners, the okays and the titles that make you go “Hmmmm….”


Forza Horizon 4 simply looks ridiculous.

I haven’t had the chance to fully pick up the Horizon games (I will soon with Game Pass), but I’ve heard they’re some of the best racing titles out there. If you want motorsport, then pick up that side of the series, because this isn’t motorsport; This is Horizon.

And with Horizon 4 we’re getting more vehicles, more connectivity between friends through online and DYNAMIC SEASONS that will affect everyone currently playing on the server.

Combine that with the always gorgeous visuals from the franchise that has crawled its way to the top to join other esteemed titles (if not surpassed them), and Horizon 4 is sure to be a hit.

Oh, that and the fact it’ll be available via Game Pass ON RELEASE.

Gears Of War 5 (or now just Gears 5, but not Gear5?) is always going to hit hard.

The much-loved franchise who started its life on the XBOX360 appears to be getting another trilogy on the One. 4 was already a shock announcement, so more of it coming just seems more and more shocking.

Especially with the way they lead into the announcement in a very blasé “WE’RE RELEASING A MOBILE FUNKO GAME! AND A STRATEGY GAME! Oh, and I guess here’s number 5…”

Devil May Cry 5 is back!

You can say it’s back this time as the series now picks up from 4. I was a fan of the Ninja Theory (who have now been acquired by Microsoft) reboot, but here we are with Capcom in command and bringing STYLISH DEMON-SLAYING back!

Running on that beautiful RE:Engine (first seen with Resident Evil 7), the Devils have never looked better. And I say Devils because for SOME REASON Nero is back.

But Dante is still enough to mark this announcement a winner.

Cyberpunk 2077 FINALLY gets a first look at the XBOX presentation, with CD Projekt Red interrupting the show’s closure with a “LEL SWEET HAX BRO”.

Presenting a cinematic that is apparently all in-game, the team responsible for the hugely successful Witcher series look ready to leave the medieval behind as they jump into a world of bio-cybernetics and a lot of shooting.

WORTHWHILE MENTIONS: We Happy Few, NieR:Automata BECOME AS GODS Edition, Metro Exodus (click links to view videos)


The Division 2 gets its first announcement via the XBOX presentation.

With the first game finally reaching a point where it’s the game that was originally announced (as per the community and reviewers who have gone back to it), The Division 2 looks set to expand on the world while picking up and refreshing the current state of the game.

But with its developer having an image of showing one thing and presenting the other, The Division 2 simply passes with a good.

Hopefully we’re proven wrong at launch.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is back with more trailers.

Why does this much-loved franchise only get a “good”? Well it feels like it’s been coming forever and now it’s suddenly a multi-platform title. You have to wonder what happened behind the scenes for Playstation to let go of that exclusivity, but it’s a great day for fans of the series who find themselves as XBOX owners now.

Players Unknown Battlegrounds gets a great trailer showcasing new maps, modes and more coming to the highly-successful battle royale title.

But will it be enough to catch up with the other royale games out there? And will it make up for the less-than-optimal release with the One X?

Maybe…just maybe…


Crackdown 3. You’re going to release right?

Like, I know you’ve got to fix what 2 didn’t do, and return to what 1 did…but you have to come out first, to do that.



A not Skate Skate.

Well I’ll just go f**k myself then I guess.

Of course that’s not all from the show. There were far, far more. With the Dying Light and Tomb Raider sequels also shown, along with some fantastic new titles and remasters from Japan joining the family of XBOX games, they really did bring a strong first hit to E3.

Along with some shadowdrops (such as DontNod Studio’s CAPTAIN AWESOME), XBOX have done supremely well in regard to other years.

With what feels like the final footsteps for this current generation, it’s good to see Microsoft coming back around to offline gameplay and the audience’s want of unique experiences in both single and multiplayer games.

And with a cache of games that can only be found on the XBOX starting to build up again, it’s safe to say the next generation is going to be very interesting to watch.

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