Playstation At E3 2018
Ahhhh, my favourite time.

Live blogging!

And for my faves Playstation no less.

I don’t have much else to say as we’ve already had some stellar shows, so let’s just worry about blogging the heck out of the presentation for Playstation at E3 2018!

And just like that Playstation did their thing.

Suffice to say the developers have had, in my mind, the best showcases so far. With that mixture of nerves and excitement, you can see how much Bethesda and Ubisoft love what they do.

That’s not to say Microsoft and Sony didn’t perform; Microsoft have produced possibly their best showing in years, with an amazing amount of new games coming and developers joining Microsoft Studios.
Playstation counter with progression on titles that already have most of the world ready for them, with Tsushima roaring to the front with a fantastic showcase (though it could never outpace The Last Of Us II).

If anything, what these presentations bring is a slow waltz toward an end.

And what that end may see is the reveal of new consoles in the next 2 years…

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