Marvel’s Spider-Man: DLC Review – (F**k A) Silver Lining

That’s a Panic! At The Disco song by the way.

While it may sound like an insult to the final part of Marvel’s Spider-Man The City That Never Sleeps series, I felt it a play on words.

But also, f**k some of some stuff we still find ourselves running through as Spidey and Sable take the final fight to the crazed Hammerhead.

Silver Sable is back in the action-packed conclusion to Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps.

The deadly mercenary is back to reclaim her stolen Sable International tech and gear from the city’s thugs. But with Police Department Captain Yuri Watanabe on administrative leave after her controversial efforts against crime boss Hammerhead, and bigger threats on the horizon, Spider-Man must rely on unlikely allies to keep the city safe from impending calamity.

Silver Sablinova (I sh*t you not, that’s her name) returns because Hammerhead’s been giving her a bad name by stealing and using her tech to run riot across New York.

The bad name definitely has nothing to do with how her mercenary force was hired by Norman Osborn and locked down the whole city while jailing innocent people.

Anyway, she blames Webhead again for the sticky situation and they let their powers combine to stop a newly roboticised Hammerhead, because comics.

From there you adventure as you’ve adventured, finding more bases, crime and story that leads to the penultimate showdown with the DLC’s antagonist that’s actually ridiculously fun.

Screwball returns. AND I WILL LEAVE THAT THERE.

A nice enough finish to the arc, it introduces some nice plot for the eventual sequel and…that’s probably it. More of what we loved but really we just want more of that sweet, sweet main storyline content.

And suits? I don’t know we got lots of those.

Yeah, bring us more suits in the next game too.


A Silver Lining in that it wraps it all up, it's nice to think that now we're closer to Spidey's next journey in video games.


XENOJAY.COM was supplied with a media copy of the game for review by Sony, and it was played on the Playstation 4 Pro console.

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